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10 roadblocks to blogging, Part 1

(at least for me anyways)

The Blog post that wrote itself

i wish.

Why is it so hard to write a blog post?

1.) i start to write about a topic, question or an idea and then i lose interest while typing the first few words

I'll bet you thought these roadblocks were going to consist of being busy with children and a full time job...nope true fashion of someone who does not have blogging down packed, not all of the numbered items in this post are actually roadblocks...some are just thought and or

2.) i can't figure out what should be a heading and what should be in the body.

obviously i often get caught up in the details of a thing...i sometimes will simply not start a thing because i can't get past a certain step in my mind. For example, i have wanted my car to be detailed for some time now...but lately i always have the thought that if i take it to get detailed and they find something of value in it that 'they' will take it (I'm usually not this paranoid). so my friend says why don't i go through it myself and make sure that there's nothing valuable in it. That makes a lot of sense, right? Then i thought of the idea of someone (a stranger) putting their hands all over my personal property (my car) and i couldn't take it! lol...its the details...i'll do it myself when it warms up...alas, i have digressed

3.) i get at least 10 ideas for a blog topic or title each day, but don't record them

Sometimes i consider turning them into simple memes but then they're too wordy (because they're actually entire blog posts and articles worth of content)...they're actually whole bodies of work...i am certain i will get them out of me soon.

4.) i know i have something important and unique to say but how do and where do i start?

and are my ideas developed enough? and have i done enough research? Virgo Rising perfectionistic critique of my own ideas and concepts before they even make it to the paper

5.) i know that people will follow my blog

So why can't i just get it out there to them already?!!!?

6.) i know that i will feel relieved when this content is finally out of me and out in the world

duh...obviously...and I'm starting to feel sick and stifled. The unwritten writer. But I'm not a writer, writers write whole books (not necessarily)...i'm more of a columnist ...well...maybe...but are blogs typically shorter than articles...if so then I'm more of a bloggist or blogger... i guess...i like bloggist much better than blogger...bloggist sounds more feminine to me..idk

7.) i could video blog but I'm shy

or maybe i could do interview style, since ideas and information, knowledge and expertise seem to flow easily from me in response to anothers' inquiry  

8.) i could write my words first and then read them on video

this was suggested by a close makes sense

9.) i could go on a writing retreat

i have resistence/ disdain around the idea of someone coaching me around writing...similarly to how i don't like to be told how to create my jewelry or what jewelry to create...

10.) Maybe writing a blog about how hard it has been to write a blog will cause a quantum shift

actually i am starting to feel a little shifted in this moment. i feel a little freer. I especially like the idea of interview style of writing (#7) this moment i feel aware of so many others who feel the EXACT same way as i have described here (i am exceedingly empathic). Maybe they're my community. Maybe you are my community and we're meant to figure this out together...i wonder


Please refrain from suggesting methods to me about how this could be easier for me (remember my afformentioned disdain from #9) as the only answers of value for me sometimes are the ones i arrive at myself, unless i am intentionally seeking input...However please do share of your adventures and experience! Blog ON!


sometimes i also think i refrain from publishing my thoughts because sometimes they come off a little gruff and short. (see PS) but alas there are people and characters who express themselves in this way regularly and i even adore them so...(hunches shoulders) maybe my readership will also adore me in all of my dynamics (smile) May my candor render you refreshed

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