• High Quality Handcrafted Aromatic EssenSual Perfume


    HandCrafted and consciously formulated with Love and pure Intention.

    High Quality Essential and Imported Oils and Resins.

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  • ~a line of 5 unisex blends~

    Awaken Love

    Love, Love ,Divine Love...My first ever formally crafted blend. Channeled during the Divine Venus Jupiter alignment as I first moved into what would be my inherited home. This is my favorite of my blends and it inspires PURE LOVE & BLISS. inspired by African Goddess Osun 💛

    Juju Juice

    A Sweet and Spicy Floral Blend designed to invoke the Lover in you

    What can I say about Juju Juice that the name alone does not convey. Evokes enthusiasm and passion 💥

    Black Moon Majesty

    A Royally Delicious Sweet Sensual Blend

    This blend was channeled on the Black Moon of 2017 as an inspiration from a custom request by my God Sister ( Priest of African Goddess Osun and Mami Wata) . Evokes comfort and sensuality

    Fresh Ase’ Essence

    This formula was channeled through me when I was in my Igbodu time (a period of isolation for Priest initiates) It is Clean and Effervescent. The elements involved are inspired by African Goddess Oya and Yemoja/ Olokun...inspires purity and clarity

    She/ He who shall not be named

    Of all of my handcrafted oils this one chose not to be named, so I honored her.

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