• AfroGoddess Network Directory

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    Artful Goddess

    Visual Artistry, Classes, Artisan Guilds and Supplies

    Adorning Goddess

    One of a kind Handcrafted High Quality Adornments and Accessories

    Astro Goddess

    Astrology and Numerology Services, Articles etc

    Beauty Goddess

    Natural Hair, Radiant Skin and Body Temple Care

    Cuisine Goddess

    Nutrition, Juice Bars, Tea Shops, Coffee Shops, Baked Goods, Restaurants, Personal Chefs

    Birthing Goddess

    Pregnancy and Birth Resources, Birth Companions Doulas and Midwives

    Energy Goddess

    Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing

    Fashion Goddess

    Make-up Artists, Clothing Designers, Seamstresses and Stylists

    Journeying Goddess

    Hikes, Walk abouts, Retreats, Vacation Get a Ways, Exploration

    Love Goddess

    Heart Opening, Love Coaching, Relationship Counselling, Services, Events, Aricles etc

    Marketplace Goddess

    Boutiques and Shops

    Mothering Goddess

    Mothering, Domestic Engineering, Homeschooling, Community Schooling

    Medicine Woman Goddess

    Holistic Wellness Coach, Shamanesses, Guide, Plant Spirit Medicine

    Oracle Goddess

    Intuitive, Tarot, Ifa, Yoruba Readings

    Sacred Movement Goddess

    Yoga, Dance, Asa, Tai Chi etc.

    Scensual Goddess

    Incense, Candles, Essential Oils

    Sacred Space Goddess

    Home Decor design and decor, Ideas and Inspiration

    Sound Goddess

    Songstress, Musicianess, Songs, Concerts

    Techy Goddess

    Business,Technology and Media Tools, Services and Events for Women Entrepreneurs

    Serenity Goddess

    Meditation, Mind Healing, Mental Wellbeing etc

    Warrior Goddess

    Martial Arts

    Touch Goddess

    Massage Therapy and Bodywork Services

    Scribe/ Oracle Goddess

    Inspirational Writers, Bloggers, Books, Blogs, Articles, Spoken Word

    Yoni Goddess

    Yonicare, Wellness, Sacred Sexuality

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