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    To provide quality Traditional Indigenous Mind~Body~Style Products, Services and Experiences toward Feminine WellBeing and Joyful Living and for the Feminine Soul. AfroGoddess’ offerings are based on an Indigenous Philosophy, Lifestyle and Culture of Love, Honor, Full Joy, Healing, Ascension, Embodiment and Expansion of and Devotion to We Women as the Divine Feminine. In this time of Goddess Renaissance and rebalancing of Power to a more humanistic model, We Women are practicing Responsible Self Awareness and Self Care through the reclaiming of our Birthright, our Indigenous Wise Ways, our Heritage of Optimal Integrative Health and Beauty.


    Reclaim yoir Ancestral Wisdom and Reconnect with the divine feminine, Your inner goddess, For a Full & joyful life

  • 🌼Meet the Founder🌼

    Kenya Founder of AfroGoddess

    Iya Kenya DaraOsun (aka Jah-Afiya)

    Oya- Osun Priest Initiate, Massage Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Adornment Designer, Dancer, Sacred Space Goddess, Astro- Shamaness, Proprietress/ Founder at AfroGoddess

    Kenya OyadaraOsuntola Founder of AfroGoddess

    She has studied under and worked with some of the regions most celebrated Master Indigenous Healers and Holistic Physicians including Ian Noel and Dr. Eleanor Hixon. She Graduated from The Baltimore School of Massage and became Nationally Certified, has Reiki 1 & 2 attunement in the Usui Reiki Tradition under Rev. Navasha Daya and Mayan Abdominal Massage Training under Mae. Her passion is Womens Well Being as she has gathered and curated many tools, techniques practices and rituals that have aided in her own Healing Journey as well. With over 15 years of experience in Womens’ Healing modalities, Kenya (OyadaraOsuntola) offers a variety of Healing services Including, Women’s Massage & Reikissage, Pre-Natal Massage, Inspirational Astrology, Heartfulness, Sacred Space Interior Decor Consultation, Chakra Balancing, Classes, Gatheriings and Retreats.

    Kenya OyadaraOsuntola, Founder of AfroGoddess

    Iya DaraOsun offers One on One~Partner~Group Consulations in Inspirational AstroShamaness Readings, Honey Heartfulness Intimacy Couching and The Art of Sacred Space Interior Decor💜

    She has been creating one of a kind Wearable Art for 10 years. Her adornments are crafted with love and precision and become instant ‘showstoppers’ and ‘collectors items’. Women say they feel better when they wear her pieces.

    She is known for not only creating beautiful works of art but curating Beautiful pieces of clothing and home accents. So many love what she attracts that she started selling her Indigenous Finds, World Decor and Goddess Apparel 🌼

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    Your Birth Chart is the roadmap of your Soul.

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    A Collective where the Women Artisans, Artists, Healers and select collectors represent themselves and their own interests and acquire goods and services that are relevant to a Goddess lifestyle

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    Join the AfroGoddess Global Network and Marketplace for Just $5/month when you pay yearly ($60/Year) or $8/ month paid monthly($96/year)

    Abdominal Womb Massage💛

    Warm Oil Womb Massage to Invigorate and Rejuvenate the Uterus, Lower Back and Hips. Designed to remove severe tension. This deep tissue Womb Massage is a technique used to relieve both muscles and connective tissue below the surface. It helps to improve range of motion and heal injuries below the surface.

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